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Why Knighthood?

Sir Richard W. Van Doren

A QUESTION THAT HAS PLAGUEDMEN AND WOMEN THROUGH THE AGES [Author’s Note: This paper is based upon a speech given by my good friend and brother Sir Knight A.Trevor Stewart, Ph.D. in Washington DC in 2012. During subsequent discussion, he graciously gave me permission to use parts of it as I crafted an American version and focus. The slides for a PowerPoint presentation version were created by Sir Knight Glen Melvin Cunningham, Deputy Grand Commander for MA/RI. To these two dear friends and brothers, I owe a great deal of thanks and appreciation for their support.] By Sir Knight Richard W. Van Doren, Ed.D.Grand Generalissimo of MA/RIMay 2017; Revised August 2021 Many of you, like me – and certainly like my wife and children – have often asked the question, “Why Knighthood?” What is there about dressing up in some outlandish outfit and parading around and calling one another, “Sir…Read More