Provincial Grand Master’s Message


There are many organizations that require affiliation with Freemasonry. Why, therefore, is the Royal Order of Scotland important? What makes it unique and worthy of attention?

The Royal Order of Scotland dates from the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 when sixty-three Knights came to the aid of Robert the Bruce and contributed to the Scottish victory. Robert the Bruce declared himself King of Scots, and as a reward for their labors, knighted each of the sixty-three Knights that had come to his aid, with what he stated was the highest form of civil knighthood. Hence the founding of the Royal Order of Scotland.

In 1878, the Provincial Grand Lodge was formed in the United States under Sir Albert Pike, the first Provincial Grand Master. At present, the Provincial Grand Lodge has three objectives:

  1. Identify those, who by their contributions to Freemasonry, public service or religious activities, are worthy of Knighthood, which is conferred by the Provincial Grand Master.
  2. Make charitable contributions, as did Knights of old, to Masonic organizations in which all of our members participate. This is done with assets held in trust over the years from our predecessors.
  3. Sponsor Masonic education.

One cannot apply for membership, but must be invited as a reward for service. And now you know why the Royal Order of Scotland is important and what makes it worthy of Freemasons’ attention.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Sir James E. Winzenreid
Provincial Grand Master